From Head of Department

Dear Students,

   You deserved to be from Marmara as a result of your outstanding success in YGS and LYS exams at the end of a long and tiring work period. You have become part of the large Marmara University family with 137 years of education experience. Being from Marmara is a privilege, you will see the benefits of this throughout your life.
The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering started its education and research activities in 1996, with a small but high quality teaching staff. The department developed rapidly in the following years, added young talents from abroad to its staff and soon became an international character. The department has been working rationally and efficiently to set up research and training laboratories in recent years. As a result of this, the department staff continues their works successfully by getting qualified national and international projects. Our department's faculty continue their researches on important current topics of the material, as well as their studies on the classical topics of the material.

   In our department, the highest academic standards are applied in terms of education. Students are assessed in almost every course mainly through two midterm exams and a final exam. In addition to these main elements, the project, quiz, homework results and laboratory successes are also taken into consideration in the evaluations. Course passing grade of students is determined in almost all courses by the relative evaluation system. In this determination, the average of the class and the expectations of the lecturer play a role in approximately equal weight.

Our department students are directed to minor and double major programs in order to engage in interdisciplinary studies according to their 1st year achievements. Thus, it is also facilitated for our students to acquire another profession or to do post-graduate studies in the other Department if they wish, to facilitate their employment.

   We sincerely believe that you have made the right choice when you start your university education at the Marmara University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department. We offer the best environments for your personal and social development, for you to study at superior academic standards. I wish you success in your studies in our department, believing that you will benefit from the high quality education and research opportunities, broad social, cultural, artistic, intellectual and sports activities offered by our University, our Faculty and our Department.


I congratulate you wholeheartedly and wish you a successful and happy undergraduate education.


Yours truly


Professor Dr. Recep ARTIR

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