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Rigaku Ultima-IV X-Ray Diffraction Device

The X-Ray Diffraction method (XRD) is based on the principle that each crystalline refracts X-rays in a characteristic order, depending on their unique atomic sequences. For each crystalline phase, these diffraction profiles define that crystal like a fingerprint. The X-Ray Diffraction analysis method does not destroy the sample during the analysis and enables the analysis of even a small amount of samples. Qualitative and quantitative investigations of rocks, crystalline materials, thin films and polymers can be done with the X-Ray Diffraction device.


RF LCR Meter (Dielectric Spectroscopy (conductive insulator semiconductor))

Key Features and Specifications

Frequency: 1 MHz to 3 GHz in steps of 100 kHz
Measuring range: Wide impedance measuring range 200 m ohms to 3 k ohms
Basic accuracy: 1% basic accuracy
More features: Superior measurement repeatability at low test signal level
High speed measurements: 9 ms

The 4287A RF LCR meter offers accurate, reliable and fast measurements from 1 MHz to 3 GHz to improve the quality and quality of electronic component tests on production lines. Unlike the reflection measurement technique, which provides precise measurements over a wide impedance range, the 4287A uses the direct current voltage measurement technique.



It is a device with a monochromator to separate and isolate the fluorescent beam. Some devices also have a second monochromator to control the wavelength of the excitation beam.


Hot Press Machine

Hot pressing machine is used for pressing ceramic and metal phases under maximum 300 ° C under temperature.



Maximum 1400 ° C atmosphere uncontrolled melting furnace.

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