Metallography Laboratory

Cutting Device

It is used for manual cutting of metallographic samples. With the sample holder, it is possible to easily fix irregularly shaped parts on the T-slot cutting table. The cutting arm can be adjusted according to the operator's height. Hose has been added for easy cleaning.


Hot coating bakelite device

Bakelite (molding) is a molding process that is used to ensure easy handling of samples and to achieve better results. After sanding and polishing in the samples, it is necessary to get the best edge sharpness and get bakelite. There are two methods for getting bakelite. The first of these is the method of taking hot bakelite, using the different bakelite powders (such as phenolic, epoxy, acrylic / transparent), and the bakalized sample under the heat and pressure provided by the device is ready to be molded by cooling the device. The other is cold molding.


Grinding and polishing device

It performs the sanding and polishing operations before the metal etching of the sample to be etched.


Automatic Polishing Device

In metallographic sample examination, it automatically performs the polishing process before etching.


Optical Microscope

The optical microscope is basically composed of two lens systems. The image given by a single system (lens) is further enlarged with a second system (eyepieces). Thus, a much higher magnification power is provided than can be achieved with a magnifier. The microscope finds wide use in science and technology.

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