Smart Materials Laboratory 2 


  • Measures the mechanical properties of polymers.

It performs the following tests:

  • Creep, Viscometer
  • Time and Controlled Deformation, CD Oscillation, CS Oscillation, Stress Relaxation and time temperature superpositions with advanced data processing.
  • Temperature: +40 ° C (extended to -150 ° C) (Using liquid nitrogen)
  • Measuring geometry: Parallel Plates, Cone and Plate and Cup


Mechanical Mixer and Turrax

  • Mechanical mixer (up to 2000 rpm), Turrax (up to 25000 rpm);
  • They are spectrum spaced homogenizers that provide homogeneous dispersion of liquid mixtures.


Vacuum Oven

  • Drying material under vacuum at 200 ° C.

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