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Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is an engineering branch of design, development, production, and conversion to products that society needs by using theoretical and applied information about material structure.

Since the beginning of civilization, materials have been used to raise the standard of human living with energy. In many engineering branches, new designs depend entirely on the development of materials. The most important factors that cause innovations in the use of materials are rapid developments in energy, electronics, optics and biological fields and increased environmental sensitivity.

Production of materials and making them available products form the basis of the industry. Material types that are important for modern engineering technology are metals, ceramics, polymers and mixed materials. Therefore, our graduates have the opportunity to find and work in a wide range of fields covering various civil, public and military fields, especially high-tech companies.

Our department was established in 1997 with the commissioning of Materials Science and Production Metallurgy Departments. There are 7 professors, 1 associate professor and 3 assistant professors in our department.

In the department program, our students have the opportunity to take elective courses in the fields of social, law, management and finance, as well as basic science and engineering sciences, and engineering design and departmental courses. It is possible for our students who are academically successful to benefit from the Minor Program, which enables specialization in other departments within our faculty, and the Double Major Program, which makes it possible to obtain a bachelor's degree in a second program.




Production Metallurgy Industry (Erdemir, Karabük, İsdemir)
Non-Ferrous Metal Production Industry (Aluminum, Copper, etc.)
Metal Forming Industry (MKE, many private companies)
White Goods Industry (Vestel, Arçelik / Beko, Bosch)
Glass, Ceramic and Refractory Industry
Casting Industry
Defense industry
Machinery Manufacturing Industry
Automotive Automotive Sector (Fiat, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Renault)
Automotive Supply Industry
Aviation and Defense Industry Sector (TAI Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, Roketsan, Aselsan, TEI)
Shipbuilding Industry (Shipyards)
Plastic Technology
Welding Materials Production Industry
Surface Treatments and Coating Industry
Electric-Electronic Material Production
Magnetic Material Production
Health Sector (Biomedical Material Sector)
Quality Control and Surveillance Companies


The language of instruction at Marmara University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department is English.
Having qualified education staff who have studied abroad, who are experts in their fields.
The wide and usability of the documents in the central library within the Marmara University.
Laboratory facilities.
The campus is in Kadıköy.
Since there will be education in Göztepe campus, the dormitory (private and state) facilities are sufficient and the campus is located in the central location.
Erasmus opportunities, diameter and minor branches are sufficient.
Reading the companies and opinions of our graduates will be effective in making your choice.


Briefly, İt is a privilege to be MARMARALI.

We are honored to see you among us ...

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